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Meet Dr. Garrett Gripp

The Decision to Focus on Families

Chiropractor Oswego, Garrett GrippDr. Garrett attended the renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Early into his studies, Dr. Tony Ebel, a well-known pediatric chiropractor, held a talk that would impact Dr. Garrett’s entire life. “He told a story about a young kiddo who had fluid behind his ears that wouldn’t drain. Not only was the fluid impacting the child’s hearing, but it also impacted the child’s speech development. The parents had tried everything: antibiotics, tubes, speech therapy, etc. but the fluid continued to be present and the speech continued to be delayed. Once the kiddo started chiropractic care, the fluid drained, speech took off and it transformed not only his quality of life but his family’s, too.”

From that moment, Dr. Garrett knew that he wanted to focus on helping children. He joined Epic Pediatrics, co-founded by Dr. Tony, which is an in-depth training program regarding pediatric care, particularly neuro-developmental cases. He has also finished his pediatric training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

“To get someone out of pain is great, and there are great chiropractors out there that can provide these services. But, to completely change the health and quality of the life of a child and their entire family, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that! I don’t go to work every day. I go to recess! I get to laugh, have fun, and at the same time, change the lives of kids and families.”

Staying Active in the Community

Dr. Garrett is married to his amazing wife, Michelle. The couple is very family-oriented and they enjoy returning to their hometown to spend time with loved ones. They hope to start a family of their own someday soon! In the meantime, they will continue snuggling and playing with their Chihuahua, Reggie.

To stay active, they exercise regularly at Anytime Fitness in Oswego. Be sure to say “hi” if you happen to see them there! In addition to staying fit, Dr. Garrett is a sports fanatic and an avid deer hunter.

He’s also a member of:

It’s important to Dr. Garrett that he give back to the surrounding areas. He sponsors the Yorkville Fury baseball team, Miles for Smiles 5K through Celebrate Differences, and the Autism Speaks® walk; as well as either volunteering or participating in these events.

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