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How To Support Your Child's Nervous System

Many children have trouble regulating themselves.

Children with neurodevelopmental issues have extreme challenges in this area.

Their nervous systems are especially sensitive due to a variety of factors ranging from genetic tendencies, trauma, chemical toxicity and missed developmental stages.

The key to helping your child be more regulated is recognizing when they become dysregulated.

For some, it is associated with transitioning activities. Others become dysregulated in noisy environments or in extreme temperatures.

Here are some general tips to help support your child’s nervous system:

Epsom Salt Baths – Epsom salts are calming to the nervous system. If baths can’t be taken daily or when a child is in crisis, try foot baths. They can often soak their feet while watching TV, coloring, etc.
Essential Oils – Certain essential oils such as lavender have a calming effect on the nervous system. A diffuser can be set up in the house and oils can be applied to the skin or clothing during the day.
Fish Oil – Fish oil supplements are positive for the brain and nervous system health. Nordic Naturals has gummy options that are more palatable for those with picky tastes.
Joint Compression – Compressing the big joints of the body such as the shoulders, elbow, knees, and ankles sends positive, calming proprioceptive information to the brain.
Therapy Swing – Swinging and spinning can often help a child become more regulated by stimulating the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. There are many types out there but here is one that can be set up in a doorway.
All my best,

Dr. Garrett Gripp

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